The story behind the original classic Lint Holder by A.J.A. & MORE ®

In March 2019, the original classic plastic Lint Holder by A.J.A. & MORE was introduced.  After nearly a year of working on a laundry room solution, A.J.A. & MORE introduced the first of its kind, a magnetic lint holder that would help laundry day hero’s across the world get a handle on dryer lint in their laundry room.  The idea came from dealing with dryer lint not quite making it to the trash can, but instead ending up behind the dryer, on the floor or on top of the dryer.  The thought was to create awareness with a magnetic bin to create the perfect lint holder.  It was important for the lint holder to have the option to hang on the wall or on the front or side of your washer or dryer. The lint holder is made of durable ABS plastic with a 6.25” long and 5.5” high strong magnet, which is built to last for years.  In today’s disposable society, with a little TLC (tender loving care) the lint holder is one laundry room organizational solution that you can count on in your never-ending story of laundry. 

After months of consideration and preparation, the first-to-market magnetic lint holder was released on was selected as the primary choice, because it’s marketplace is a fantastic site to learn whether the product would be the solution they had hoped it would be for so many laundry rooms.To A.J.A. & MORE’s amazement, the lint holder was almost an instant hit and the demand for the product was more than they anticipated.  In fact, it was a challenge keeping up with the demand during the first year.  The lint holder not only was well received and liked for holding lint, many people found it useful for containing other laundry room essentials.  In the summer of 2019, A.J.A. & MORE introduced additional lint bin colors; white and black.  With 3 colors of lint holders, the company decided to hold on adding additional colors, but the company claims that it is always open-minded to adding more.

The lint holder was designed to besleek and well purposed for small laundry rooms where space is a premium.  If you don’t have space on the wall, then stick the link holder to the front or side of your washer or dryer.  A great place to stick the lint holder is between the washer and dryer or just wherever you can keep it at arm’s length or at your fingertips.  The lint holder is such a great bin for lint, but also for dryer sheets or other laundry day trash.  Many have felt and have found that the lint holder a great replacement for countertop trash can or the floor trash can.  Decluttering a laundry room with a lint holder is an easy upgrade to make.  The list of reasons why a lint holder makes sense for any size laundry room are numerous.  Click here to read 4 reasons you need a Lint Bin.Really, it is one of those laundry day solutions that you never knew existed and once you use it, will never know how you did without it. 

Quality and customer service are at the heart of the A.J.A. & MORE.  The commitment of the company is found on their homepage at “We are a family operated business with a commitment of offering you solutions and supplies that help you organize, simplify, declutter, or makeover your laundry room.  We understand the challenges of laundry day and this is why we are always looking for new, creative and stylish ways that serve as answers to your laundry room needs. Ultimately, we strive to be your bright spot and partner in your never-ending story of laundry.” The company offers a 30-day return policy and strives for your complete satisfaction.  In fact, the company is excited about its future and supporting both new and existing customers for years and loads to come. Always feel free to reach out to them atA.J.A. & MORE customer care.

A.J.A. & MORE went on from the first-to-market lint holder to introducing many other magnetic laundry room solutions to help solve many of the common laundry day challenges.  Since March 2019, the company has released the Prop-A-Door, Dryer Sheet Dispenser, Pocket Treasures bin, Collapsible laundry basket and the Farmhouse Lint Holder.  Each laundry room solution is essentially complimentary as each product currently has magnets attached. You can have your laundry room organizational solutions in the same area of your laundry room or wherever theybest serve you on laundry day.

Today, you can find the original classic Lint Holder direct on, or at,, and Wayfair.comWe highly recommend reading some of the professional reviews too.  Grab yours today and see just how the lint holder can make a difference for you on laundry day.  Happy Laundering!


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