Seven Organization Ideas for Your Small Laundry Room

Is your small laundry room becoming a burden to you and your family? Of course, any cluttered space is likely to make the task of doing laundry much more exhausting than it truly has to be. What if, instead, you could organize your laundry room to make it more spacious and enjoyable to be in? It’s possible! This article will guide you through seven organization ideas for your small laundry room to de-clutter and embellish the space you have. Pick any of these and you are certain to free up some space!

  1. Take a Look at All that Storage– Use the Lint Bin!

Sometimes, when we are used to being in a small space, it can feel like everything is overcrowded and as though there’s nothing to do about it. However, that doesn’t have to be the case! Your laundry room may have much more storage room than you think if you, for example, get rid of the clutter that’s on top of your washer and/or dryer and start using that space as storage. Similarly, you can use the sides of your washer and dryer to make use of the space. Our lint bin works to that effect– you get a reminder to take the lint out of the dryer and you get to save space, what more could one want?

  1. Storage Above Your Washer and Dryer

One of the main places we tend to forget when it comes to storage is the area on top of our heads– in the air! You can always install more shelves or even suspend baskets from the ceiling if the latter are high. Shelves are not only tidy, but they make good use of space that otherwise goes to waste. A pro-tip: use the area under shelves and cabinets to install a hanging rod with hangers. Depending on the space between your washer and the hanging rod, you may have enough space to hang clothes to dry. It helps if you want to avoid having drying clothes all over the house.

  1. The Sides of Your Washer and Dryer Are Your Best Friend

In a small laundry room, you will want to use all sides of both the room and appliances to get all your items to fit in a tidy and organized manner. By using the sides of the washer and dryer with magnetic pieces of equipment to help you store away important items, you can avoid having clutter all over the room that makes it feel cramped and unpleasant to be in. For example, use our magnetic Pocket Treasure holder to avoid having clutter all over the washer and dryer when you empty pockets before a load. It works just like our lint bin, but for even better treasures! Otherwise, if you have enough space to fit in a slim rack, you can always install one to fit all kinds of laundry room necessities.

  1. Use the Walls!

Although we tend to forget about them as good sources of storage, the walls can provide you with the desperately-needed extra space you need. Hang up a few extra metal rods and you have a space to hang up drying items that can easily be folded back to save up on space when you are not using them. You can also add hooks or shoe holders to hold up any item you may require as you perform your usual laundry duties. These are excellent as they require very little space and yet still look aesthetically pleasing. They are also very affordable and can make your previously quite cluttered area into one that is full of brilliant storage options without looking disorganized and without being inconvenient.

  1. Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

Next up, think about including more boxes and trays throughout your laundry room. By using boxes, especially those which can be stacked on one another, you can easily save up on space by using vertical space, and can also say goodbye to having small items scattered all around the room. A clean and clutter-free room is one in which you can think and relax, so using organizational boxes can greatly help you with this! Boxes don’t have to be bulky and unappealing. Instead, they can also be visually appealing. For example, try using baskets that are weaved, or make it a fun activity with your kids by inviting them to decorate a few baskets. This can render your dull-looking white baskets cute and yet useful memories to have around for the next few decades!

  1. Vertical Hanging Racks

Using a vertical hanging rack is a way to have again more space to hang up clothing without having to see it be scattered all around the house.Similarly, for a small laundry room, a vertical hanging rack that you bolt against the wall can be an easy way to take less floor space.

  1.  Keep the Walls a Light Color

One of the factors that may make your small laundry room look and feel even more crowded is the color of the walls. For example, a laundry room with white walls makes the entire room much easier to light up. The second the sun shines through the window, the entire room opens up. On the other hand, having dark walls can make it feel much more crowded. If you can, consider changing the color of your walls to make it feel like you have more space and to bring in more clarity to your laundry room. A small detail, but a major difference that can make the laundry day much more pleasant.

With these numerous options, you are certain to find an alternative that can open up the room and make your small laundry room a pleasant one to be in!


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