How to Keep Your Laundry Room Clean

Lint Holder Bin

Lint Holder Bin

The laundry room is a place that should feel welcoming and peaceful. And yet, it often ends up being crowded, overwhelming, and can become dirty quite quickly. With the numerous tips we have prepared for you below, you are sure to be all set to keep your laundry room clean, free of clutter, and maybe even your favorite place to hang out in your house! Take a look and see if you can implement a few of these within your own laundry room.

  1. Clean your appliances

The first step is perhaps the most cumbersome, but it is also the one that will make a major difference in the state of your laundry room. Clean the washer and dryer. Although we may think that the washer is clean because, well, it is used to clean things, it can easily become crowded with bacteria and mold unless we clean it properly every now and then. In fact, the moldy smell you can detect from your washer? It’s probably from not cleaning it often enough! So, start out with the washer. First, use an empty cycle with hot water and use two cups of vinegar rather than detergent. Then, use a mixture of water and vinegar, and scrub the machine inside. Make sure to wear clothes that you do not mind staining, as you may end up with some detergent residue among other things. Don’t forget to clean the space between the layers of rubber that keeps your machine air-tight. Then, when you are done with this, clean the outer parts of the machine by using your typical all-purpose cleaner. Want to make it eco-friendly? Use an old t-shirt to do this and avoid using paper towels or wipes. Finally, finish off the job by using our prop-a-door to keep the washer door open to avoid the growth of mold. You can say goodbye to musty smells coming from the machine!

The next step is to clean the dryer, which is not as cumbersome. Although you may clean the lint tray every so often when you use the appliance, there may still be some pieces stuck in there. If you forget: use our lint bin! It’ll serve as a perfect reminder. You should also pay attention to stains, such as marks left behind by dye, ink, or crayons (I’m looking at you, parents of toddlers!). You can use a dryer lint brush to get rid of leftover lint, while you can get rid of stains with a bit more work, which our friends at Better Homes and Gardens explain over here. You should also clean the vents and the pipes of the dryer, making sure that you first unplug it from the wall. You can never be too cautious! Finally, clean the exterior with your usual all-purpose cleaner. And voilà, all done!

  1. Other Appliances

Next up, take care of the other appliances. For example, clean your iron using either vinegar or dish detergent. Once the outside part of the iron is clean, use distilled water to clear the vents. This is where buildup can get stuck and stain your clothes. You could also use vinegar to remove any gunk that could have accumulated in the steamer. Then, add some distilled water to get rid of the smell. Make sure to use anti-bacterial cleaning materials for the other appliances to get rid of any germs that could be growing throughout the room.

  1. Counter Tops

The third section you will want to clean is anything that resembles a surface. In other words, clean the countertops and the cabinets using your usual all-purpose cleaner to take out any germs and bacteria. Using warm water can help dissolve any detergent that has spilled on the countertops as well as any mold that may be growing in the crevices. If you have a sink, deep-clean it using either an eco-friendly mix of vinegar and water or simply using your usual all-purpose cleaner, polishing it off with window cleaning materials.

  1. Clean the Fabrics

Now, look through the laundry room and find any fabric that may be lying around. For example, your ironing board may have a cloth draping over it; take it out and put it in the wash. Similarly, if your laundry baskets have fabric coverings, take them out and give them a good wash. Take the opportunity to also clean up your baskets, using your usual all-purpose cleaner, unless they are made of wood, which you can clean simply by vacuuming them and letting them air out a bit. Adding a bit of baking soda can also help sanitize them.

  1. Buy in Bulk

It’s time to do what we all love: buy in bulk! Head over to the store and replenish any kind of detergent, dryer sheets, and other similar items that you may need to replenish. If you want to be even more eco-friendly, bring your own re-fillable bottles and avoid all that extra plastic.

  1. Clean the Floors

Finally, finish off the job by cleaning the floors. Use your usual floor cleaning supplies and if you have a wooden floor, treat yourself to a truly sparkling room by using a bit of floor polishing liquid to make it look brand new. Although it may only be a small task, it’ll make a world’s difference!

And just like that, you have a laundry room that looks brand new in which you feel at ease and much more comfortable. Nothing can stop you now. Bring it on, laundry days!


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