5 Reasons Why You Need a Lint Bin

When you think about laundry day, what do you first think of? Perhaps you imagine a beautiful, Pinterest-like laundry room with all the right accessories. The room smells fresh, is tidy and well-organised, and spending endless hours in there does not seem like a chore, but perhaps a few hours off from taking care of the kids or other kinds of responsibilities. Let’s be honest here: we all have that one thing that we enjoy doing simply because of the therapeutic effect it provides us with. This could be laundry for you! If this is the case, you definitely know the frustration of having your laundry day be stopped or disturbed by setbacks, including clothes that are not fully dry just yet. So, let us take you through five reasons why you need a lint bin to make your laundry days the therapeutic ones you can look forward to all week!

  1. Partially dry laundry: be gone!

First and foremost, let’s agree on this: partially-dry the laundry is probably one of the most frustrating aspects of doing laundry. You plan out your day so that it works out with the timing you are setting up, and you perhaps also make sure that all your clothes are going to be ready at the right time so that you can coordinate the washing, drying, folding, and putting away tasks. And then, it’s all disturbed. That one load of laundry took a bit longer to dry, and now, your entire day has to be re-scheduled. Why is that?

That’s right: the extra lint that has accumulated in your dryer is causing it to be a lot less effective. Lint, when it accumulates in a dryer, makes it difficult for the appliance to do its job properly as it cannot filter out moisture as well. Additionally, this also means that your dryer needs a lot more energy to do the usual job, which means heavier electricity bills. So, take out the lint! Can’t remember to take it out? Don’t worry, this is why our lint bin was created: it is a visual reminder to take it out every time, making sure to leave your dryer effective, and your day obstruction-free.

  1. No more lint sitting on top of the dryer or behind it

Did you know that in the United States alone, over 15, 500 clothes dryer fires occur on a yearly basis (on average)? That’s right, all because of various reasons, including faulty electrics, and most importantly, lint accumulation that can end up becoming a risk hazard. That’s not all! The lint in your dryer can end up falling behind the dryer which could lead to a greater fire hazard as dust and lint do not mix well with electric plugs. Do not take the risk and make sure to have a visual reminder to take your lint out.

Not only this, but the lint that accumulates is quite simply an annoyance to have around. It is bothersome to clean it up, and is frustrating to bring together and tidy up nicely. Instead of having lint all over the counter, on top of the dryer, or worryingly behind the appliance, put it all in a lint bin and start making arts and crafts with it!

  1. Replace countertop or floor trash can

Arts and craft, you wonder? Yes, you read that right! A lint bin can be the product that replaces the trash can that takes place on your countertop or on your floor. Your laundry room, whether large or small, should not be a cluttered space. This is a space where all tasks to be done should be as pleasant as possible, so making sure you have enough room by using a clutter-free Lint Bin can help. The Lint Bin is attached by a magnet to your dryer or washer, therefore ridding the floor from an additional item.

What’s more; lint can be used to create all sorts of fun arts and crafts with the kids, including papier maché, for example. What is a better way to teach kids to be responsible than to ask them to contribute to the laundry tasks by taking out the lint and then creating fun projects with them? You can also teach them that everything in your house has a designated spot, and therefore not to leave things around, by using the right container for your lint: your own lint-bin!

  1. Go away plastic bags

We all know how unattractive plastic bags look when glued onto the dryer. Although they are practical, they do not necessarily go right along with our hopes and dreams of having that beautiful-looking laundry room where we feel at peace and at ease. Not only this, but plastic bags can set themselves free, roaming to the back of the dryer where they can become another fire hazard. As plastic can melt, if you set your dryer to a very high temperature, they can also melt on the dryer, ruining a perfectly good appliance.

Finally, plastic bags are one of the most significant plastic waste items found in our landfills. Why not opt for a more eco-friendly version; a reusable Lint Bin that lasts forever? Use a container that was created with that exact purpose in mind and give your laundry room a much nicer look as well as a safer feel by using the Lint Bin from A.J.A.&MORE.

  1. Space-Saver

Finally, most laundry rooms tend not to be the biggest ones. So, this means that you should be maximizing the space you have in order to enjoy more open-space and less clutter. When we think about clutter, what comes to mind? Empty boxes of dryer sheets, perhaps, or maybe… rogue lint flying about everywhere! We have solutions to both of these problems. Make sure your space is optimized to make the most out of your therapeutic time in the laundry room.

With our lint bin, you are getting more than just a new container: you are receiving a functional product from a family-owned company , and a product that will make your laundry room pop like nothing else!


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