Space Saver

This A.J.A. & More Lint Bin is a genius waste and space-saving solution, and the very first of its kind! Its sleek design is specially designed to collect and store dryer lint and other laundry room debris, such as dryer sheets and more. You will not find any other product like it!


Absolutely perfect for keeping my lint & fabric sheets from creating a mess on the floor.  Serious lack of room for a typical trash can in my laundry room…Perfect! Loving this Lint Bin!

Easily Attaches

This durable plastic lint bin has a super-strong magnetic backing that can be directly attached to the side of your metal washing machine or dryer. Or, you can use its built-in keyhole hanger to easily mount it to the wall. Hardware not included.


No longer walking to garage to throw away lint!!!
With all those sweet smelling dryer sheets and nasty lint leftovers next to my dryer in my LINT BIN! Standard with 2 options…the magnet to easily put on your dryer or a key hole to hold it on the screw! Farm house looks great and the quality is impressive! Would purchase again (if I had more than one dryer machine)

Clear The Way

This lint bin replaces the need to keep a trash can on your laundry room floor. Use this space-saving, environmentally friendly waste solution instead. Overall size is 9.25″ wide x 9.25″ high x 2.75″ deep. Bin is 2mm thick, and magnetic backing is 6.25″ wide x 5.5″ long.


Absolutely love the durability and functionality of this Lint Bin! Thank You for creating this!
We have a narrow laundry room with very limited space and no room for a small trash canister.
But with this genious product, I am now able to have a lint & used dryer sheet holder that keeps
the space organized. With the strong magnet, I am currently sticking it to the side of my dryer.